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A Charmin Story

As a practicing artist and a trained illustrator I have been drawing and creating since I was 4 and when I create I still feel like a child and I honestly believe that every single person has this 'inner creative child' within them but we are all so busy rushing around in this hectic world we don't stop and take the time to create, as it's often seen as not important for adults -  For me personally it's crucial and actually a form of relaxation and therapy - it also helps within the corporate world and thinking in a different way.

So, a bit about me:

For years I juggled working as an Executive Assistant in high level, high pressured corporate environments such as Investment Banking and Insurance I used my creative thinking to find alternative solutions to problems and was quite often considered quirky but it meant I was very successful at my job.... but did I enjoy it? No..it certainly didn't feed the soul. But then we all use the same lines ' we have to pay the bills' etc etc.. so I started thinking how can I pay the bills and feed the soul .. there must be another way? surely?  then I was given the gift of 'Redundancy' and this is when I realised I could potentially apply all the planning, research and ideas into 'MY' business. Many laughed at my idea but the more I researched the more I realised adults wanted to be creative but didn't know where to start or they felt they didn't have the time.

So, December  2016 I started 'Charmin Craft and Fun Stuff' for Adults. within 1 month I had 160 following my MEET UP group and had run 6 informal workshops , the number continued to grow - I realised grown ups like being kids and wanted to ' create' and do it with like minded people. They wanted to try new things and also keen to share ideas with others. So my over active imagination was coming into it's own and the last 2 months have been amazing, seeing people's faces when they first start to do something and within 1 hour they've zoned into the child 'mind set' and at the end when they leave the workshop they have a bounce in their step.

February 2017 - Business plan written and approved .. I felt like I needed to pinch myself.. I was leaving the safety of a 9 - 5 ( ish) job and taking a chance... but it feels right - all I can see is opportunities and new door opening.

Lets get together and create new and imaginative things in an affordable, recycled and fun way.

S L Goy 

The Charmin Brand and all contents is owned by Sarah Louise Goy

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